I'm a programmer, science lover and neuroscience enthusiast.

About me

I've been programming for around 4 years and have work experience designing, archietecting and developing large scale web applications using React, Vue, Laravel, Node JS, AWS, and other technologies

I'm experienced with several other technologies such as Docker, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, WSL, LAMP/XAMP, PHP, MySQL, Electron and more.

PHP Laravel
Node JS

Work Projects

Rentrax SMS Migration
Migrated Rentrax's SMS system to AWS Pinpoint using a Node JS microservice that communicated with the Laravel core. Used Node JS, PHP Laravel, React JS, Material UI, AWS SDK
New Rentrax Modern Order Form
Created a new, modern, SPA, order form for Rentrax using Vue, Vuetify, Vuex and Laravel
Daily Report
Created a new report for Rentrax, daily report, which displayed the summaries for different aspects of the software using Laravel and jQuery

What I Can Do

Software Development

I can design, architect, develop and maintain large, medium and small scale software with many components.

WordPress Development

I can build and customize sites, create custom themes or plugins using WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and JS

Web Development

I can design and develop, performant modern websites.

My work

I have worked on dozens of projects so I have picked only the latest for you.



Built with Socket.io, Semantic UI, React, Express, Passport JS + JWT and Peer JS

Voted Best Education Hack of DeltaHacks 2021, this project gets students involved in their learning by giving them the chance to teach each other.

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A site I built for a online tutoring company using HTML, SASS, JS and BootStrap.

A site that works on all devices, screen sizes and browsers. It's fast, reliable and has a high SEO ranking (source Google LightHouse).

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Disable the Difference

A website I built for a non-for-profit organization called Disable the Difference.

Disable the Difference is a non-for-profit organization that specializes in raising awareness, supporting and advocating for individuals with IDDs (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.).

This site was built using WordPress, and was deployed using an FTP server.

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StackOverflow Clone

Open source StackOverflow clone I built.

A StackOverflow clone built using SQL, Node JS, React, Socket.io, Express, Nodemailer, HTML and CSS. Users can create and login to accounts, confirm their accounts for use, ask, answer and vote on questions. Users can also participate in room based live online chats.

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Open source online multiplayer quiz game I built

This open source project uses Node JS, Socket.io, Express, HTML and CSS to create a fun online multiplayer quiz experience. Users can join a room and play against their friends in a point based question asking/answering competetion similar to Kahoot (but only for science)

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Open source fast paced top down shooter.

This open source .io game consists of a few main features:

  1. Weapon Selection
  2. Live fast paced multiplayer gameplay
  3. A multiserver experience (mutliple lobbies in different servers)
  4. Death and kill animations
  5. Fun collidable map

The main game functionality on the server-side utilizes Node JS, Express and Socket.io. The game is rendered using my custom game engine which utilizes the JS canvas api. The multiserver functionality utilizes a redis db and a central server managing all other servers, which can be connected to by clients through an API.

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PHP Shopping Site

An open source shopping site.

This project utilizes PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Users can create accounts, post items for sale, categorize products, search for products buy and report products.

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Open source online multiplayer game.

This was my first fast paced, top-down, online multiplayer shooter game. Users could select a weapon and simply walk around and kill each other. I learned a lot from this project, specifically the mechanics and technology behind multiplayer games (WebSockets, servers etc...)

Project was Removed


A fast paced, class based online mutliplayer shooting game.

This game is still in beta, however, the game is a class based top down online mutliplayer shooting game. Users can select a class which comes with two weapons and a utility item (utilites and weapons are unique to each class type, also, each utility has its own special function). Users battle it out in a tight spaced collidable map where the user with the most points at the end of the game wins!

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